Criminal Trial Lawyers Association

Welcome to our website

The CTLA welcomes defence counsel and general members of the public to our website. We invite those lawyers and members of the public who are not familiar with our organization to learn more about the CTLA in the About Us page. This website also provides valuable information about upcoming events, membership and much more.

The CTLA welcomes all potential new members, particularly outside the Edmonton area. You will find a membership form and information on how to become a member here. The Membership section of this website also outlines some of the advantages which accrue to members.

Each year, the CTLA offers an award to a junior defence lawyer who appears to be showing great promise and to a senior lawyer whose contributions to the legal profession have been exemplary. If you would like to nominate someone for one of these awards you will find the forms, deadline information and other details under upcoming events.

For close to forty years, the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association has provided a strong voice for all Albertan defence counsel. This website provides one further means of uniting defence counsel to ensure that our concerns are heard and our clients’ rights protected.

Message from our president, Kelly Dawson

As president of the CTLA, I welcome you to our web site. Our organization, which continues to grow, is comprised of nearly one hundred members province-wide. The purpose of this website is to provide a forum which unifies defence counsel from all over Alberta. Together, we can effect change in our judicial system and develop new ways of advocating on behalf of our clients. We sincerely hope that this website will prove to be a useful tool for you in your daily practice. To those lay members of the public who are visiting our site, we welcome the opportunity to keep you informed of some of the excellent initiatives of defence counsel in your area.

Kelly Dawson