A Message from Our Past President

A Strong Voice
for All Alberta Defence Counsel

The purpose of this website is to provide a forum which unifies defence counsel from all over Alberta. Together, we can effect change in our criminal justice system and develop new skills and knowledge for the defence of our clients.

The CTLA has, from its inception, been at the vanguard of protecting the civil rights of individuals when confronted by the police and prosecutorial power of the state. We have consistently fought to hold police accountable for their misdeeds, while advocating tirelessly for a dramatically improved legal aid system for Alberta’s poor and disadvantaged. We have intervened in, or initiated numerous legal actions in the Alberta courts and Supreme Court of Canada in relation to both constitutional and criminal law issues that impact the liberty interests of our clients. We have continuously engaged with the judiciary and government in support of initiatives to enhance access to justice.

We do all of this in a firm believe that the rule of law can only make citizens truly safe when due process and the presumption of innocence is zealously safeguarded by a strong and independent defence bar.

Jordan Stuffco
Past President CTLA