by Jeffrey Klassen
October 7, 2022

“The Defence Never Rests:  Two Veteran Defence Lawyers Reflect on 94 Years of Experience”

Copied from the information circular:

Brian A. Beresh, K.C. has invited his long term friend, Brian Greenspan, to attend a series of Special Events on October 11 & 12, 2022.

Brian Greenspan is one of Canada’s most prominent and well-respected defence lawyers. He has served as defence counsel on many of Canada’s most significant cases and represented some of Canada’s most high profile clients over the past four and half decades of practice.  In Mr. Beresh’s opinion, Brian Greenspan is presently the leading criminal lawyer in Canada.

The Law School has arranged for a presentation at from 12:00 – 1:30pm on October 12, 2022 in LC-231, entitled “The Defence Never Rests:  Two Veteran Defence Lawyers Reflect on 94 Years of Experience”.  This will feature an open discussion with Brian H. Greenspan and Brian A. Beresh, K.C.

Mr. Kent Teskey, K.C. and former President of the Law Society has graciously agreed to moderate this panel. The topics to be discussed during this event includes:

  • The Impact of the Charter – Ebbs and Flows…40 years later
  • Does R v JJopen the floodgates for future defence disclosure?
  • The impact of social media on criminal cases and the criminal justice process, and how media coverage has changed over the years
  • Dealing with public perceptions of defence lawyers
  • Choosing a Jury trial over Judge Alone
  • What role do victims and other 3rd parties have in the criminal justice system? What role should they have?
  • The evolution of Mr. Big sting operations and whether evidence generated from them should be allowed as evidence in a trial
  • What amendments…(if you were Federal Minister of Justice) would you make to the Criminal Code, if any?

No registration is required to attend this event. People are welcome to attend either in person in room LC-231 at the University of Alberta Law Centre, or virtually via Zoom. The Zoom link can be accessed here: